From Seed to Shoe

From Seed to Shoe
So what's next? When we eventually make it out of the Corona-virus world, how will the new reality shape our lives? I for one will certainly think differently before I spend money in a frivolous manner. I would bet you , dollars to donuts, that as a society, people become more health conscious in their spending and consumption decisions. Most likely that will also emphasize the importance of using renewable resources that decompose. 


This is a founding principle in the Fly Soul Shoes story, our passion for a renewable textile, like hemp to take the lead. Our planet is suffering, overwhelmed by one time use plastics that are accumulating in our oceans, fish, birds and so on. Mother Earth is begging us to use the gifts she has already provided. This is why we make our shoes out of plants, with aspirations to one day make a completely plant based , decomposable shoe made from 100% hemp. 


We are not there yet and we need your help. How can you help? With choice, be conscious of the purchasing decisions that you make and what those materials or packaging is made from. Take a stand with us at Fly Soul Shoes and make your voice heard as we strive to establish hemp as the solutions and take our story "Seed to Shoe," to the masses.


With Love,
Peter Holzworth