From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

I am the luckiest man walking the Earth!

Now I know that is a pretty bold statement to make, with the over 7 billion other people walking around. But even if the statement is bested by another with a greater fortune in life, it doesn't matter. Why you ask? Because it is the foundation of my mindset every day my eyes open.


See, the Fly Soul Shoes theme "From the ground up" means just that. Where is your foundation built? Our company's foundation is first built on family, team, love, and respect. The values translate into our shoes as we choose to use renewables like Hemp to demonstrate our compassion for our planet which translates into progress for humanity. 


From the Ground Up , inspiring one to look at where the foundation of one's intent is generated. So, naturally, at Fly Soul Shoes, our story starts in the ground. growing hemp as an alternative textile, replacing many synthetics and even natural products like cotton, as hemp grows twice as fast with half the water and produces a higher yield. The foundation of our future is being built now, the pillars that were built in the past, serving a weakened house of corporate agendas and greed have resulted in a crumbling planet and environmental collapse. 


Consumerism will not stop, we are programmed as a society to buy, buy, and buy more. However, in the spirit of LOVE, we at Fly Soul Shoes, are not trying to fight against the habits that consumers have formed, but give them a way to make a more conscious decision about their consumption. Elevating your mindfulness and awareness of one impact upon that world and environment is enlightenment built "From the ground up." 




With Love,
Peter Holzworth