Getting Back on the Horse

Getting Back on the Horse
What does it mean to get back up on the horse? Well, to me, it means everything. See I have found in life that the most important thing , especially in business, it to select the people you work with. This applies to all aspects of life, your relationships mold you as a person, without questions.

For this reason, it illuminates my point. If you find yourself surrounded by people that are less driven, less motivated to find solutions, complaining about their life or problems, my best advice is to cut them from your life like a bad habit. These people are energy suckers, robbing you of the natural momentum that you possess.

This is why, personally, I like to surround myself with people who have proven they can "Get back up on the horse." Individuals who have been through challenges, perhaps even been broken and have gotten back up to overcome their demons and commit to loving themselves are the most valuable humans in life. These are the ones that love themselves enough to look themselves in the mirror and call their unproductive behavioral pattern out and change them.

So, as Denzel Washington once said, "FAIL BIG, and let the only thing you fall back on, be your faith!"

With Love ,
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