Keep Calm and Shine on!

Keep Calm and Shine on!
In these extreme moments, with people pulling their hair out with uncertainty, it is important to stay grounded. One of the ways I have been focusing my energy is through meditation and the techniques involved in visualization. 


This is actually the same technique that I employed to originate and build our team here at Fly Soul Shoes. In a time of deep meditation, I have a vision of style and design. However, the vision was really focused upon how a great team can take a great product to unlimited potential. 


This meditation allows one to slow down, de-clutter the mind, refocus upon the next steps necessary for accomplishing one's goals. In the times of reflection, one may become the architect, the designer. In such pursuit, one is faced with two life forming emotions, fear or love. Always choose love and never let fear turn you from your playful heart!


With Love,
Peter Holzworth