Let's Talk About What's Next.

Let's Talk About What's Next.
Stuck in our homes, trying to be aware of the dangers of interacting with others, our minds are left to wonder. Some of you, like me, may have wild imaginations that bring you to some odd conclusions from time to time. However, over my years, I have been able to tame my overzealous imagination that pulls me into the rabbit hole and refocus upon realities challenges. This "centering" has helped me achieve many things as of late but in this time of unique challenge, I wonder if it is once again time to let my imagination prognosticate. 

Where do we go from here?  What can we expect as the new normal if this virus is not able to squealed ? Is social distancing going to be taken further, are we going to lose the American way of life, sporting events, concerts, the beach? Our society was not prepared for such a pandemic, but if we stand together we can protect each other, even if it is from a distance. 

"Together we rise or not at all" is a term I like to use in our company here at Fly Soul Shoes. To me it signifies that we are all in this fight as one, no different from the man that has less or more, we feel, we breathe, we all bleed the same way. It is time for us to shut down the ego's control over self-infatuation and change the paradigm, heck maybe Corona-virus is the sign we have been looking for to make the change.

With Love,
Peter Holzworth