Our Story

Our Story
The world is about to change. I know that statement brings up many different ideas of change, especially in the current climate. However, the change that I am speaking of is centered around the health of the planet. 


This change has inspired the creation of Fly Soul Shoes. One of the main driving factors when launching our company was the health of our planet as a core value and inspired us to produce a renewable plant-based shoe. Fly Soul Shoes is purposed to provide inspiration, awareness, and empowerment in the recognition of the incredible advantages that hemp provides as a replacement to the synthetic alternatives that have dominated consumer product manufacturing. 


From the rural regions of Mexico, Fly Soul Shoes has partnered with multi-generation cobblers to produce a handcrafted, handwoven shoe made from hemp. Radical and vibrant designs are meant to inspire and embrace hemp at a better textile through individuality and style. Our story starts with family, from the multi-generational heritage of our Mexican manufacturing partner to the closely tied family that serves the company in its growth, the theme of family is clearly the second foundation of Fly Soul Shoes. 


We are a company that originated with the intent to open the eyes of the public and encourage hemp-based fashion to be the new textile.


With Love,
Peter Holzworth