Up Close and Personal with Matthew and Peter

Up Close and Personal with Matthew and Peter
Our founders, Matthew Neely and Peter Holzworth, were recently interviewed by Beverly Martin from Millia Magazine for the February 2020 issue. Check it out here. We were honored to be featured and have the opportunity to share our story. If you don't subscribe to their newsletter or at the very least follow them on social we highly recommend it.
The following is just a sample of this amazing interview:
Beverly: Peter, this is more of a question for you. How did this whole thing start?
Peter: Well, you know, it really started through friendship, because the people that have started this company are a collection of people that are kind of old gods in the industry. Over our collective time, we learned a lot of lessons on who to select. So, in 2019, I was representing a fortune 500 law firm that sent me around the world to find the best of the best. And I traveled to 68 cities in 19 countries in that one year, measuring and writing about all those different types of cannabinoid markets.
In Mexico, I was traveling across a small village that believed in using plants as the primary source of food and energy and believe in the nature of hemp, if you will. I asked this fifth-generation family of cobblers there if they could start making these designs, our designs, the way they have been doing, out of hemp, and that's exactly what we're going to do.
So, we put out some designs, and we receive some of theirs. We started to find out that parts of hemp actually make better, more durable, more eco-friendly antimicrobial, antifungal fabrics for shoes. So we thought to ourselves, 'ok, great!' We're all so passionate about how we can advance the cause of this thing, but how do we make it marketable and stylish? So, we're trying to create the first fashionable hand-woven shoe in North America, and we're doing it as a group of cannabis professionals that have just been together since the beginning of the industry. SO it's quite and exciting story.