What if This is a Blessing?

What if This is a Blessing?
You know, over the past several days, now lingering into weeks stuck in my home, battling the back and forth of boredom a thought not only came to me, it struck me like a kick to the head. What if this turmoil, the world is currently experiencing, is actually a gift, what if this is a blessing, a lesson from nature herself?


See to get to this viewpoint, I have chosen a certain path.  This path starts with the acceptance that, as a member of a great collective consciousness, you're not really in control of the next steps or your future. There is a divine omnipotent love which has given us the power and consciousness of choice.  It is this power of choice that is the exercise, rather the gift.


I chose to see this time as a blessing, an opportunity to step outside, reunite family bonds, refocus on what is truly valuable in life. We may be receiving a wake-up call, the reason this virus has made it into human beings is directly due to our encroachment upon the natural environment of these wild animals. We are receiving, yet again another signal from our Mother Earth, that the path we are on as humanity is unsustainable and must be corrected at once.


If you read this post, I hope you come away with a slightly different way to view challenges in your life. We can get stuck in circles of anger, constantly lighting ourselves on fire and hoping the smoke gets in the eye of our enemy. Rather, we can rise up together, tackle challenges as a collective force, a team, and gain the best gift of all, an altruistic society putting love first. 


With love
Peter Holzworth