Our Story

Our Story

Fly Soul shoes started with a fortuitous encounter in a small village in Mexico. In 2019, co-founder Peter Holzworth was traveling the world to learn about different types of cannabinoid markets. He discovered a community that strongly believed in the transformative power of plants as a source of energy and life. That vitality is what inspired Peter to dream up the original pair of Fly Soul Shoes. By collaborating with local cobblers, Fly Soul Shoes created the first fashionable, hand woven, plant-based shoe in North America.

Fly Soul Shoes were created for the free spirit who indulges their passions. For the curious cat who always wants to know more about our evolving world. Most importantly, Fly Soul Shoes are for those of us who honor our obligation to love the Earth and all the people who make her whole.

We reject corporate greed and embrace an ethical business model by paying everyone in our supply chain fairly. Through our partnership network, we donate a portion of the company’s net revenue to The Last Prisoner Project. Even so, our mojo isn’t just to be philanthropic. We aren’t just “giving back”. We are doing what must be done to correct injustices in our world. Incidentally, Fly Soul shoes are plant based, hypo allergenic, antimicrobial and incredibly stylish. But the most revolutionary thing about our shoes? They feel good to wear, because your soul feels full when you know that you are part of the solution.

FLy Soul Shoes

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